Whether you're considering parceling up your land or transforming an undeveloped tract of woodland into a commercial space, property development service professionals can handle just about any size job. Choosing a contractor who can offer construction development services can make a big construction job feel small.

From pulling permits to zoning and inspections, here are some valuable property construction development services you can count on when you need building help.

Proactive Permitting

It is unlawful (and uninsurable) to begin a construction project without securing the appropriate permit(s) beforehand. The best property development service professionals know exactly what types of permits need to be filed and how to expedite the approval process.

  • Type: the type of permit(s) will often vary based on where you live. This is one of the reasons why it can be safer to choose a property development service professional based in the county where the construction will be completed. For residential permits, your property development service professional might be able to piggyback on a previously filed permit for the property. By opting for a remodeling permit, you can save both time and money, as the approval process and filing costs are much less than pulling completely new permits. Commercial permits are far more detailed than residential permits. Your property development service professional may also need to secure permits for specific commercial usage.

Creative Zoning

Although zoning might seem like a simple process, working with a construction development services professional who's willing to take a creative approach to zoning can drastically increase the value of your construction project.

  • Mixed-Use: mixed-use zoning allows for residential, commercial, municipal, environmental, and/or cultural usage. When filing mixed-use zoning or rezoning petitions, you need to present a case for multiple the usage. For instance, your property development service professional might cite other mixed-use zoning permits created in the county. By citing these precedents, your project will be more valuable to more potential buyers and/or investors.

Introspective Inspecting

Property development projects require a host of inspections to be completed to code. Construction professionals may occasionally make mistakes that a building inspector will catch. By taking an introspective approach to building and self-administered inspections, your construction development services professional will catch mistakes before they're pointed out. This will prevent permitting delays, which can grind construction to halt and lead to missed deadlines. Always hire general contractors with a proven track record of successful building inspections.