The maintenance needs of your septic system are important, which should include pumping the tank and making minor repairs. It is important to understand how your septic system works, the maintenance it needs, and the problems that septic systems can cause to household plumbing. The following septic system facts will help you understand the maintenance needs and problems with your waste treatment system.

1. Solids in Septic Tanks Need to Break Down and Sink to The Bottom  

The solids in septic tanks need to break down for the liquids to leave to the drain field properly. This can be hampered by problems with excessive use of cleaning chemicals, as well as flushing things down the toilet that are not safe for septic systems. If solids do fill the tank due to these problems, you will need to have it pumped to prevent serious damage to plumbing and the septic system.

2. Old Septic Tanks Can Deteriorate and Cause Problems That Eventually Affect Plumbing

Many older septic tanks are made of materials like concrete, which is vulnerable to deterioration due to the harsh waste treatment environment. Deterioration can cause the tank to leak or solid waste to not break down properly. If the problems with your tank turn out to be due to deterioration, consider updating it when it is pumped or at least having repairs done.

3. Improper Septic Tank Care Can Lead to Problems with Plumbing and Septic Systems

The lack of septic system maintenance can also cause a lot of problems. Sometimes, these problems may be due to the tank being too small. Therefore, it is important to have the tank pumped when needed, which may be more frequently for smaller septic systems. When the tank is pumped, ask a septic system service to do a routine inspection.

4. Routine Septic System Inspections and Alarms Help to Identify Problems with Your System Before They Cause Damage

There are a lot of ways that routine inspections can help prevent problems with your septic system. They will catch problems with wear, blockages, and issues with the drain fields that need attention. Repair these problems before they grow and cause serious damage to the septic system or your household plumbing. In addition, you may want to have a septic tank alarm installed to tell you when it is time for maintenance or when there is a problem that needs to be dealt with.

These are some of the facts that you will want to remember when it comes to the maintenance needs and problems with your septic system. If you need help with pumping the tank, inspection, and other maintenance, contact a septic service to ensure your system is well-maintained.