Few things are more terrifying than listening to hail pound on your roof. After this summer quasi-snow melts, you might be left with destruction you couldn't prepare for.

Here are some steps to take after a hail storm pummels your roof.


A hail storm is similar to a tornado, hurricane, blizzard, falling tree, or other "act of God" in that they can be devastating and are likely covered by your homeowner's insurance policy.

  • Pictures and video: After the hail storm stops, you should begin the process of surveying your roof. While you assess the potential damage your roof might have sustained, you should be sure to shoot video and snap photos from every conceivable angle possible. In particular, take pictures of flashing, vents, and other metallic features of your roof. If the insurance company can see denting on these surfaces, you can help substantiate your claim conclusively. You'll also have ample evidence if your homeowner's insurance provider initially denies your claim.


Many general contractors specialize in helping homeowners rebuild after nature disasters. You can lead on their professional expertise to help you rebuild your home.

  • File Your Claim: Roofing projects can be notoriously expensive. Roofing professionals understand that coming up with thousands of dollars to repair your roof is terrifying, but you also can't get back to normal until your roof is back to normal. Roofing professionals can help use the photos and videos you've collected to help submit your claim to your homeowner's insurance provider. To make matters even easier, your roofing professional can help you file a Request for Proposal (RFP) claim. An RFP claim allows you to pay your deductible to your roofer, watch them complete your roof, and get back to living your life. Consulting with property owners in your proximity can help put you in touch of how other homeowners are repairing their hail-damaged roofs.


Hail storms don't just strike individual houses. Gather information about the damage sustained by homeowners near you can be powerful when you submit your claim.

  • Neighbors: When referencing the hail event you might file a claim about, you can reference other homeowners and addresses near you. If these homeowners have suffered comparable damage and their insurance provider accepts their claim, your case can be strengthened. Providing phone numbers or email addresses of your neighbors, although awkward, can help your insurance provider quickly verify the legitimacy of your claim

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