If you're worried about the condition of your roof, perhaps after periods of heavy wind, or maybe just because you know that the roof is getting older, one of the best things that you can do is get a close-up photo of the roof. You can then forward this image to a local roofing contractor to get his or her assessment of the roof's conditions and of what roofing services you might need to have done. Unfortunately, if you're afraid of heights or lack the ability to obtain this photo, you may struggle with how to get it. If you happen to be having one of the following contractors coming to work on your home, you can ask one of them to snap a photo for you.

Gutter Cleaner

If you're having your gutters cleaned in the spring or the fall, someone will probably use a ladder to get right up to your eaves. This means that this individual will not only be able to see your roof but will also be able to take a photo of its condition. Explain to the contractor what you're looking for and give them your smartphone or camera. This probably won't be the first time that this contractor has taken a photo of a roof for a client, so you can count on them getting a good shot to help assess the condition of your roof.

Security Installer

Another contractor who may be able to get close to your roof to take a photo is an installer from a home security company. If you're getting a home security system put in or you're having changes made to your existing system, it might include exterior security cameras. In many homes, the security company will mount at least one camera under the eaves of the roof — and this means that the installer will need access to this area. While they are mounting the camera, the installer may also be able to snap a quick photo for you to share with your roofing contractor.

Lighting Contractor

Many homeowners use lighting contractors to add lights to the exterior of their homes. For example, you might like a pair of floodlights mounted high on the front of your residence—and perhaps even beneath the eaves as a way of illuminating your driveway, walkway, and/or front yard. If you have a lighting contractor scheduled to work on your home in the near future, you shouldn't have trouble having him or her use your camera to take a photo of the roof.

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