Do you and your family members love to spend time in your swimming pool? If so, you are probably excited that spring and summer are almost here. You might even remember how sad you were when you were taking your last swim at the end of the summer. And, you might be remembering days when the weather didn't permit you to swim, maybe because there were storms in your area. With those recollections in mind, you may be thinking of using these months before swimming time arrives to enclose your swimming pool. If that's the case, from deciding on the material for the enclosure to choosing patio furniture to add to the enclosed area, here are some ideas that might help.

The Materials For Your Enclosure - Have you considered using glass for the entire walls of your enclosed pool area? If you did that, you'd still be able to see the beautiful landscaping. For that matter, if you installed glass as your enclosure, you'd be able to watch dramatic storms as you swam. Glass enclosures are made from glass that is so sturdy that, though it could break under tremendous pressure, it more than likely will withstand regular rain storms and wind. 

Another consideration for your custom pool enclosure is to use wood. For a casual look, consider selecting rustic wood for the enclosure. For a more traditional look, select smooth wood for the enclosure. And, if you want something truly dramatic, think of choosing black for the color of the wooden custom pool enclosure. The experts who do the enclosure for you will have the training and the experience to advise you on which style will go best with your existing swimming pool.

The foundation for your pool enclosure is obviously important, too. Of course, you won't want grass anymore, since it won't grow well without sunlight. However, you could always use artificial grass, if you want an outdoor look for your pool enclosure. Another idea is to select flagstone, brick or tile to surround the pool. If you select tile, be sure not to get the type that will be too slippery when people get out of the swimming pool.

The Addition Of Patio Furniture -  How large is the area where your enclosed swimming pool will be? Is there enough room to set up a table and chairs for meals that you and others will enjoy while taking a break from swimming? If not, consider buying occasional chairs and reclining chairs where you and others can visit and relax. And, don't forget small tables where drinks and treats can be placed. 

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