A roof that lacks proper maintenance will not reach its maximum years of service. For this reason, it is advisable to partner with a roofer to ensure regular inspections and timely repairs. On top of that, you need to be knowledgeable about the roofing issues you might encounter along the way, as this will help you solve emerging problems on time. Take a look at issues that will require the attention of a professional roofing contractor below. 

Replacing of the Shingles or Tiles

Shingled or tiled roofs experience diverse issues due to the continuous exposure to sunlight, storms, hurricanes, and other harsh weather elements. For instance, they may shift, curl, break, or shrink. Though these issues may not be prominent initially, they can gradually grow into major problems in the future if not addressed in time. So, hire a residential roofer to look into these issues as soon as possible.

Installation of Another Fascia

The fascia is a vital part of the roof you should never ignore when damaged. This long wooden board shields the lower parts of your roof from water damage. So it will not perform its duty well if it is faulty. But the fascia is quite prone to damage. Since it is near the gutters, it can easily become ruined by water and pests, leading to mold growth and holes. You'll need to hire a qualified roofer to replace your compromised fascia owing to its crucial role in the roofing system. 

Eliminating Pooled Water

Pools of water can be detrimental to your flat roof. This mainly happens where there is poor drainage or due to sun damage. The more you turn a blind eye to the pooled water, the more damage you would have to deal with. Structural damage is probably the worst of them as it is often costly to repair. Once your residential roofer gets to the top of your flat roof, they will determine the cause of water pooling and establish a long-term solution.

Repairing the Flashing

The flashing goes around the vents, chimneys, and other roofing structures. Its work is to help direct water away from your roof. The most common reasons behind a damaged flashing are poor, unprofessional installation and old age. Usually, bad flashing causes the interior parts of the roof to leak. To avoid the consequences of water damage, you should fix flashing issues as soon as they emerge. 

Residential roofing issues are numerous. Some are obvious even to a regular person, while others require an expert's eye. So hire an experienced residential roofer to inspect and fix your roofing issues.

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