Believing some common misconceptions about air conditioning can be a costly mistake. It can cost you extra money on your utility bills, cost you more money on repairs, and even cost you a lot of money if it makes you have to replace your air conditioner sooner than expected. Here are three misconceptions about air conditioning that you don't want to fall for: 

1: Change your air filter once a year

While it's great to get the word out that people need to change the air filter in their AC, it needs to be noted that you may need to do this much more than once a year. You need to change it any time it is dirty, and this can happen much more often in some homes than others. Homes in dusty regions or with residents who smoke and pets may need to change them monthly while the AC is in use. If you haven't been doing this and your AC is starting to act up, you want to get a technician to come to take a look. That way, they can repair any damage this may have caused. 

2: You can cool the house faster by putting the thermostat down very low

It may sound feasible that putting the thermostat down on a very low temp would cause it to cool the home a lot faster. However, it doesn't work this way. The air conditioning will work the same amount whether it is trying to get the temperature down five degrees or twenty-five degrees. However, putting it down too low will cause you to end up wasting energy and raise your bills. It will also cause the compressor to work harder and longer than it needs to, and this can cause premature failure of the system. If you have damaged your AC, get someone out to look at it right away so that you can get it back up and running. 

3: No news is good news with your air conditioning

Another common misconception is that you can assume everything is going fine with your AC as long as there are no sounds, smells, or problems with the way it's cooling. Many believe they don't need someone to come service the system when it seems fine. However, annual servicing is done to make sure it continues operating well. Service calls check for signs that a problem may be on the horizon so that it can be prevented. Also, components will be cleaned so that dirt doesn't play a role in a problem in the near future. This is why you want to be sure you have the AC serviced annually, even if the unit is working great. To learn more, contact an air conditioning service.