Many residential decks are square or rectangular in shape. While you might feel as though you'd like your new custom deck to be built in one of these ways, it's important to realize that there are other options to think about. Talk about your ideal deck design with a custom deck contractor, and it may become clear that a different shape can work well for you. In addition to providing visual appeal for your backyard as a whole, an unconventional shape for your deck may be more spacious and offer unique functionality. Here are some shape options that can work well for a deck.


An octagonal deck is an option that your custom deck contractor may recommend. The many straight edges around the perimeter of the deck provide you with lots of opportunities for how you'll situate things on this structure. For example, you might have a barbecue against one straight edge, a table against another, and so on. Some people even consider built-in bench seating around the perimeters of their octagonal decks, which can create a space that feels cozy and welcoming but that also offers lots of seating space for family and guests.

Half Circle

Another shape that you may wish to discuss with your custom deck builder is a half-circle. In this design, the flat edge of the half-circle would run along the exterior of your home, and the curved portion of the structure would extend outward. Some homeowners may favor a half circle because of the visual softness that it provides. For example, instead of having multiple straight lines and right angles, which is the case with a rectangular deck, you'll have one gentle curve. If you have a natural-looking backyard with curved gardens, pathways, and other elements, a half-circle shape can be a good choice for your deck.


At first, a triangular deck might seem impractical, but it's a shape that can work well in certain scenarios. If your home has an "L" shape and you want to build a small deck where the two sections of the "L" meet up, a triangular deck can work well in this location. Similarly, if you favor building a deck in the corner of your yard, rather than against your residence, a triangular structure can be an appropriate choice. Even though the deck may be a little cramped at the points of the triangle, you can easily use this space for flower planters or other accent pieces.

Reach out to a deck-building professional to learn more.