From landscape design, driveways, and walkways to exterior siding, there are many elements of your home that make up its curb appeal. Surprisingly, most homeowners do not realize their roof is also a key part of their home's curb appeal and value. Not only does it "top" off the look of the home, but the roof also protects your family and belongings from the various environmental factors. Because it experiences a good amount of abuse over time, replacing your roof will be necessary at one point. If you are replacing your roof and want to update or enhance your home's curb appeal, here are a few reasons to choose architectural shingles.


Every homeowner wants a durable roofing material that is designed to last, but you may not realize how durable architectural shingles can be.

Architectural shingles are manufactured using a heavy fiberglass base that is coated in asphalt. The asphalt is actually stronger than traditional asphalt shingles because it is embedded with ceramic granules. Each shingle (fiberglass coated with asphalt) is installed in overlapping layers to create a thick, durable layer of protection on your roof.

Determining the exact lifespan of your roofing materials is difficult, since installation, local climate and weather, and how well they are maintained affect the lifespan. However, most experts agree that architectural shingles will remain appealing and durable for up to 30 years.

Weather Resistant

Because of how they are manufactured and then installed, architectural shingles can withstand extreme weather better than other roofing materials. If you live in an area that experiences severe storms, including thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, or heavy amounts of rain, wind, sleet, hail, snow, or ice, architectural shingles are a great option to consider.

These shingles are also less likely to blow off in cases where there are high wind gusts, reducing your risk of water leaks and damage to your home's interior. The exterior laminate coating also protects the shingles from heavy exposure to the sun's UV rays, reducing the risk of fading. This can be important if you have darker colored shingles, such as dark brown, charcoal, or black.

Energy Efficient

Your roof design plays a large role in how efficient your home is. Fortunately, architectural shingles are designed to increase the energy efficiency of your home, decreasing heating and cooling costs.

The ceramic granules in the architectural shingles are designed to reflect the sun's heat and radiation, absorbing less heat into your home. This keeps your home cooler for longer, decreasing the energy required to run your air conditioning system in the summer.

On average, the architectural shingle's design can reduce energy use by 10 to 15 percent during the peak of cooling periods.

Very Appealing

Again, your home's roof plays a critical role in its curb appeal and value. Thankfully, architectural shingles can add enormous appeal and value to your home.

These shingles are available in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns, which can be overwhelming at first. However, your roofing contractor can help you choose the right shingles and installation method to complement your home's exterior.

The three-dimensional design adds texture and definition to your home's exterior in a way that is similar to cedar shake and slate but without the higher cost or increased need for maintenance.

If you want to update or enhance your curb appeal without sacrificing durability, maintenance, or your financial health, architectural shingles are a great option to consider.

When it is time to replace your roof, do not panic, since help is available. Contact a residential roofing contractor for additional information about installing architectural shingles on your home's roof.