Do you have a loud AC unit? Does it seem like it is louder than it was when you first had the cooling installation? Essentially, an AC unit is an engine, so it makes sense that certain parts of it become louder as it gets older. However, some people complain about the noise from the unit even when it is brand new. If you are trying to reduce the noise of your air conditioner, there is one simple solution.

Compressor Blankets

Manufacturers have developed very basic but effective noise dampening blankets that can be attached to the compressor inside an AC unit. The compressor is essentially the engine of the unit, and it is what makes the most noise when it is running. These noise dampening blankets can wrap right around the cylindrical unit and absorb most of the noise, significantly reducing the sound coming out of your air conditioner.

Reaching the Compressor

The hardest part is actually accessing the compressor so you can attach the blanket. The blankets are usually pre-cut, and they have Velcro, so they can be quickly applied once you get to the compressor. The compressor is usually inside the main cabinet compartment, sitting on the floor of it. In order to reach the compressor, you need to acces it from the top. You need to remove the cage on top of the cabinet. On most units, this cage is easily removed once you remove the mounting bolts. These bolts, once removed with a power drill, should be saved so you can reattach the unit.

Next, you will need to lift the cage out. On some units, the fan and motor are actually attached to the cage. If not, they will be mounted separately, and you will need to remove them so you can access the compressor. In some cases, you don't even need to take the fan all the way out of the cabinet. You can just move it to the side so that you can quickly wrap the blanket around the compressor.

You just need to make sure that you turn the power off to your compressor before you work on it and that you reattach the mounting bolts firmly so that your fan is not loose.

It doesn't take an HVAC contractor to do this job. It is something that homeowners can do on their own if they simply want to make their air conditioner a little quieter.