Packing everything in your home and moving out can be a stressful and busy process. It makes sense that you will be focusing on the move and not so much about maintaining your current home. However, you should do everything you can to leave the house in the best condition possible. This means you will want to clean the carpets, which is possible to do on your own or by getting help from professionals. If you decide to pay for the service, you should do a few things to prepare for optimal cleaning. 

Rent a Moving Container or Truck

An important step is renting something that will allow you to get your possessions off of the floor and stored away. For instance, you can go with a moving container and have it shipped to your new home. Or you can rent a moving truck a week or so before you move out so that you can take your time with loading the truck. This will ensure that you can clean up the home of your possessions to make room for carpet cleaning. While the professionals will move most furniture in the way, it is better when there is no obstructions at all.

Hold a Move-Out Sale

If you know that you will not be taking certain things along for the move, you may just put them in a spare room or a certain corner of the house until you sell, donate, or throw away each item. You can speed up this process by holding a move-out sale and allowing people into your home to see the items. This makes it much easier to sell your furniture and other large objects as you can let the buyers handle the carrying. Clearing out this space will save yourself from having a huge pile to move for carpet cleaning.

Keep Pets in Certain Areas

Once you get your carpets cleaned and you are getting closer to the move-out date, you do not want your pets dirtying up the place in the final days. So, it is a smart idea to start restricting your pets to certain areas of the house. Closing them off from the second story or the bedrooms can help. While the carpet should still look clean after a week or so of roaming around, you can keep certain areas even cleaner.

Once these tasks are complete, you should not hesitate to get carpet cleaning service.